Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ashamed of being able to do nothing.

About the fury and protests against the recent rape case. I see people wondering about what kind of change we are looking forward to. I would like you to consider the changes that I think are necessary.

1. If possible there should be more surveillance cameras in the city and public transports if not all then at least buses. And these cameras should be monitored at all times, this will not just ensure security for women but security for all. The person who monitors the video should be in touch with the person present at the location for warning against any potential mishap. All private buses should be nationalized. There should also be a system of checks. Every commercial institute, private and nationalized should report to one ruling body at the end of the day ensuring that no crime happened in their premises or if it did they should report sooner. The population is a major issue but that doesn't mean it has to become an excuse for unorganized governance. All districts should have strict policing system and I don't ask anything extra from the police but to do what they are supposed to do as part of their jobs properly and put their stereotypes and prejudices aside.

2. There should be stricter laws and an emphasis on the implementation of these laws. Why people are asking for corporate punishment is because it wasn't rape, it was an attempt to murder, the girl survived but the intentions of the culprits are clearly out in the open. They raped her and then they brutally abused her. They probably thought she was dead before they got caught. I believe at least the one who actually is responsible for brutality should be given to the public, others can get a trial if that is what is legally correct.

3. I won't ask the leaders of our democracy to come out in the open and talk to us but at least they should ensure that what happened this once and has been happening since time immemorial, can be stopped. That either it is safe for us to have an optimistic view and move on or admit it that the country isn't safe anymore, take responsibility and do something about it. The working of law and order is well and good, MANY don't get justice but when masses are on the streets trying to send a message, how big a message would it take to sink in that a bold strategy is required? If it weren't for the masses India still would be a colonized country, today we almost have the same situation. The government doesn't have to understand our anger because they can't, they have to live it to understand the fear that resides inside a person every time they leave their houses. To fear God and fate is normal,it is justified to fear the unknown but to fear our fellow humans because their actions can't be controlled is a shame to democracy, it is almost like we have none so why do the leaders get to be what they are if they can't ensure our security. Democracy is for the people not for privilege.


  1. Can't agree more. Delhi is getting deadlier day by day, and simply going out on the streets is unsafe if you happen to be a girl. This is super thoughtful. And ps- I love the "All thoughts, no actions" as the subtitle! :')

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